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IIO                           LETTERS   FROM   THE

prisons and for lists of the prisoners. He promised
me a passport for Major Gall to return to England,
as I represented him in so bad a state of health
as to be of no use to me as a secretary.

I dined afterwards with Lord Malmesbury, who
desires me to ask for leave to see Sir Sidney Smith.
I know I shall be refused; but however disagreeable
it may be to do it with the certainty of a rebuff,
perhaps an uncivil one, I must comply. Sir S. is
in the Temple au secret, but well lodged. I had
a letter from him to-day. Lord M. says his
greatest dependence is on me. He has been very
impatient for my arrival, for he has no intercourse
with anyone, knows nobody, and has a disagreeable
message to deliver if I do not succeed with regard
to Sir S. So the load is thrown upon poor Pill-

So much for politics. All the nonsense
and observations I make shall be set down as
they occur; so make the best you can of the

M. le Moine1 is alive, near Paris, and Perregaux
has promised to find him out for me. He says
he is very poor. All the Misses Moore are dead.

i Previously one of the gmtilhommes de la chambrt to
Louis XVI.